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Open Mic at The Depot Sports Bar & Grill in Covington, Ga.

I am hosting a new open mic in Covington, Georgia at The Depot Sports Bar and Grill. It will be this Sunday, December 3 at 7 PM, and if things go well it will be every Sunday thereafter. It is actually the first bar I ever played a show at! The open mic is for all genres and even spoken word. It is free to sign up and play. Sign up is at the bar and you can show up at any time before or after 7 pm to sign up. This open mic is for solo acts and duets, but not full bands.

The Depot Sports Bar & Grill is a really cool place! It is in a historic train depot right by the main train tracks that run through the city of Covington. It is very spacious inside and has a great atmosphere. The staff and bartenders are very friendly and include my old friend Jessica Shaw who gave me a good word of recommendation when I came by asking to set something up at the bar. I can see this place becoming the center of a new music scene in the Covington and Conyers area. We just have to go there and make it happen.

This open mic would be a great opportunity to audition for a show of your own at The Depot. Like I said, I think that Covington could develop a new music scene and get the attention of the public in the area to come check out new music and new artists. In recent years, Covington has been in the spotlight because it has become an important city in the film industry. It also has the Local Coffee House and Study Lounge on the Covington Square that allows musicians of all types to come and play shows. We just have to make it happen.

Open Mic is December 3 at 7 PM at

The Depot Sports Bar and Grill

4122 Emory St. NW

Covington, Ga. 30014

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