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5-Song Demo Coming Soon

I've decided to prioritize the recording of my 5-song demo over my cover album. These 5 songs, of course, are songs that I wrote myself, and no one will hear them if I don't record them. I actually started recording covers first to give me some practice, so that when I record my own songs, I would do a better job. I think I am ready to do it at this point.

Two of the songs that will be on the demo have already been recorded quite some time ago, in 2019. They were recorded by a friend of mine in Asheville, North Carolina named Lucas Dauphinais. One of the songs, Stay, has already been released. The other song, On the Road to Nowhere, needs some guitar parts and back-up vocals added. It will be released with the other 3 songs that I plan on recording. Those songs will be Ecstasy, Hard Ground, and Alien. These three will be recorded by me. I will release them one at a time as I finish them.

I am not exactly sure how long it will take to satisfactorily record them. I won't release stuff in a hurry just to put content out there. No more good enough releases for me. I have done that in the past and learned the hard way that it pays to take your time and do things right the first time. That being said, if everything goes as planned, it should take me around three or four months to record and mix them. I certainly hope I can do it sooner, but I wouldn't hold my breath.

I will keep you up to date with the process, letting you know when I have recorded the raw tracks and what is left to be done. If you want to give me input on my track list, or if you have any questions, reach out to me on my facebook page or leave a comment on an existing post. That's probably the easiest place to correspond. Thanks for reading my blog!

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