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Awake From a Long Slumber

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

I am not referring to the covid slumber that we all went through. I started sleeping way back in 2013. I haven't done too much musically since 2012 when Opposing Suns were playing in San Diego and Los Angeles. Back then we practiced 8 hours a day, 4 days a week and played around 6 shows a month. I had stars in my eyes back then and thought we might get a record deal.

In 2013 I came back to Georgia and built a tiny house in the woods and kind of dropped out of almost every pursuit except for spiritual ones. I played a lot of music, but mainly for myself and the "Universe," "Spirit," "God," or whatever that mysterious consciousness, that is beyond us and yet is us, is. I really still don't understand it, but I still try to keep part of my awareness on it. So as far as pursuits connected to our present American society were concerned, I was fast asleep, in my spaceship.

After leaving the tiny house I still slept a bit. Although I eventually got a normal job working at a food truck and later began doing food delivery for apps like Doordash and Grubhub, I slowly stepped back into indentured servitude trying not to lose what I had learned in my "slumber." The music, too, would see a resurgence. Kind of like waking up and then falling back to sleep before you realized it. Opposing Suns started practicing in 2020 and played an open mic competition at Rock 'n' Taco in Roswell right before the whole world fell asleep in March of that year. I fell asleep with them and hid in my room from the dreaded air outside for almost a year. So Opposing Suns stopped practicing because of that. We tried again in 2021 for a bit, but only practiced. We didn't play any shows. It became more of a rock 'n' roll "church" session where we jammed with several people who would come over to the practice space. We were more focused on spontaneous jams and letting the spirit take hold of us and following it than getting songs down. It was fun. The music was put on the back burner again in October when I got a job at a pizza place and couldn't jam anymore at night.

This post could go on forever, so before you stop reading, and some of you already have I'm sure, I will get to the point. I am very serious about my music again. I am recording songs and will soon be booking shows. I am going to be solo though, as I don't have as much time these days to practice with a whole band. I do Grubhub, I teach guitar lessons, and I have a family, and I can't let practicing with a band get in the way of my family. If I start getting more lessons and good paying shows, who knows, maybe I will have time to practice with a whole band again. For now, I will go solo, so that I am sharing my songs with others again. I have missed it.

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